• BodyGreen Whole Body Vertical Vibration
    Home Use
    Vibration Equipment is the way of passive exercise.

    New technology in preventive medicine field
    You can enjoy health without any toil and trouble!
    Cant’ exercise? Afraid to take pills? Best solution for lazybones.
    To boost metabolism for fat loss and shape nice figure.
    The advanced sports technology; medical theory of new generation!
    It is the high efficiency exercise with ultimate safety, and its vertical movement is just like taking a walk, running, jumping rope and Qigong.
    The movement is able to stimulate 60 billion cells for whole human body and let you enjoy the pleasure of exercise! 
    You may relax and feel the high quality of it!

    Whole Body Vertical Vibration # U3
    • Model No:U3
    • Frequency:4-13 Hz
    • Amplitude:2 mm
    • Control Pad:Wireless remote control
    • Operation:Remote / 7 setting & 3 auto programming
    • Time Setting:15 minutes
    • Material:Steel / Welded Steel Frame
    • Power:AC100~240V 50/60Hz, Maximum Power Consumption 50W
    • Certifications:FDA Registered; CE Approved
    • Dimension:About L500xW500xH120 mm
    • Weight Carrying Capacity:About 123 Kg
    • Net Weight:About 20 Kg