• Q1.Where are BodyGreen products made?+

    The factory is located in Taiwan. All the products are made in Taiwan.
  • Q1.What kind of product is Vibration Equipment?+

    The Whole Body Vertical Vibration Training Equipment is based on the study of gravity. Since the gravity gives the subjects weight to make them fall to the ground vertically, while the equipment is able to simulate the shaking movement during Qigong practicing or the jumping movement as jumping rope. The movement of this equipment is 100% up and down vertically. This is the easiest, the safest, the most user-friendly and the most efficient product. You can simply stand on it or even lie down to achieve the effects of exercise.
  • Q1.What great effects can vertical vibration training bring to human body?+

    Vertical vibration is able to help lose weight, shape up body, increase bone density, activate joint tissue, increase Nitric oxide, promote blood circulation, reduce hyperglycemia, reduce hyperlipidemia, reduce hypertension, strengthen joints to enhance the sense of balance, boost the gastrointestinal motility and absorption, improve constipation, produce collagen, activate muscle cell tissue, enhance muscle strength, remove the lactic acid and help quickly recover from fatigue.
  • Q1.How can we make sure the reports are real through the internet?-+

    All the information could be found on the internet. The equipment is CE-certified. It has the patent certification and has passed the quality test in Taiwan.
  • Q1.Is there any other difference in the vibration equipment series expect price?-+

    Different model comes with different price, in addition, the look, the dimension, the amplitude and the vibration frequency will not be the same.
  • Q1.Since it is the passive exercise equipment, does it have actual effect? Does it help reduce the calories?+

    Even the passive exercise equipment is able to help reduce calories. Human beings consume calories through muscle contraction while exercising. The equipment offers you whole body exercise, the muscles of whole body shall contract quickly, thus, the calories consumption is much faster than the aerobic exercise.
  • Q1.Could we find any stores in Taiwan to purchase the equipment?+

    BodyGreen has dealers in northern, central and southern Taiwan. You may use Line app. or check our FB fan club.