• ►Professional Type Isokinetic Training Equipment
    BodyGreen firstly developed leaner isokinetic concentric and isokinetic eccentric training equipment for professional purpose. In 2010, we even invented the isokinetic concentric training equipment for general use, and now everybody in the world can enjoy the world class isokinetic strength training equipment, which is not only the safest but also the most effective device.
    ►Features of Professional Isokinetic Training Equipment:
    1. With the breakthrough technology in the world, BodyGreen combines and intergrates the most advanced electric control system, and develops the leaner isokinetic concentric and isokinetic eccentric training equipment, which is our exclusive invention with patent.
    2. The constant speed system of BodyGreen which is allowed the trainees to make adjustment on resistance and speed regarding their requests. No matter how huge or small the exertion is from the users during the training process, the resistance of the equipment remains constant.
    3. Four major function of the Isokinetic Training Equipment: isokinetic concentric training,isokinetic eccentric training, Isometric Training and maximum muscular strength test for various joint angles.
    4. Through the Isokinetic Training, users are able to achieve overall training effects for the maximum muscle contraction, for the various joint angles and for the limbs. Besides, the trainees would not get sport injuries while increasing or decreasing the speed unlike the traditional weight block training.
    5. Touch-screen design is easy and simple for the users.
    6. Maximum load-bearing capacity reaches 375 kg. Make training more professional and practical.
    ►Professional Type Isokinetic Training Equipment Application
    • Professional Training Center
    • Health Promotion Center 
    • National Training Center
    • Female Fitness Center
    • School Activity Center
    ►Isokinetic Strength Training Equipment Awarded with global invention patent
    • Isokinetic Concentric Training
    1. Draw Speed:70~300 mm/sec
    2. Release Speed:70~300 mm/sec
    3. Draw Force Setting:3~150 kg
    4. Release Force Setting:4~150kg
    5. Overload Limit:Max. 375kg
    • Isokinetic Eccentric Training
    1. Draw Speed:70~180 mm/sec
    2. Release Speed:70~150 mm/sec
    3. Draw Force Setting:11~50 kg
    4. Release Force Setting:10~40 kg
    • Isometric Training Overload Limit:Max. 375 kg
    • Strength Ergometer Overload Limit:Max. 375 kg
    • General Specifications:
    1. Control Pad:Touch screen panel
    2. Main Material:Steel/Welded Steel Frame
    3. Power:AC Motor;Max. 750W
    4. Voltage:AC100~120V 50/60Hz,AC220~240V 50/60Hz
    5. Dimension:about 1280x1650x1665(mm)
    6. Certification:FDA Registered