• Wheel Chair Sport Home Trainer
    Wheel Chair Sport Home Trainer

    Vertical Vibration Fitness Equipment for Wheelchair Users
    This one-of-a-kind equipment allows wheelchair users to easily enjoy the health enhancing benefits of vertical vibration training.  Four decades of medical experiments have confirmed that vertical movement, due to the force of gravity, assists people in strengthening their bodies and overall health. It improves the musculoskeletal and neuroendocrine systems as well as stimulates stem cells to form bone cells and increase bone density.

    ►The Best Equipment for Rehabilitation
    The Wheelchair Sport Home Trainer offers gentle, constant-speed, same-direction (100% up and down) fixed amplitude vibrational frequency which is completely adjustable to your comfort level.  It delivers vibration to your whole body, stimulates circulation and activates neuromuscular function. The Wheelchair Sport Home Trainer allows wheelchair users to simply and easily reap the benefits of whole body vertical vibration.
    ►Health Challenges Supported through Whole Body Vertical Vibration
    Extensive international research shows that Whole Body Vertical Vibration helps prevent osteoporosis and promotes bone mineral density.
    2.Fat accumulation and obesity
    Whole Body Vertical Vibration helps promote metabolism, dissolves fat cells and further prohibits the formation of fat cells.
    3.Muscular dystrophy, Fibromyalgia and Constipation
    Whole Body Vertical Vibration is able to relieve constipation, helps alleviate pain and stiffness in the neck, shoulders, upper back, waist and buttocks.  It also help alleviate chronic fatigue.
    4.Brain and Cardiovascular disease
    Whole Body Vertical Vibration helps prevent vascular disease and promotes vascular function to rejuvenate the heart and blood vessels.
    5.Improvement for Cerebral Vascular Accident (Stroke) Rehabilitation
    The Whole Body Vertical Vibration stimulates the prefrontal cortex.  It increases blood flow and oxygen concentration to the brain through neural stimulation.
    Wheel Chair Sport Home Trainer
    • Model NO:BW800
    • Frequency:5.6-13Hz
    • Amplitude:2 mm
    • Control Pad:Wireless remote control
    • Opertion:Remote / 7 setting frequency & 3 auto programming
    • Time Setting:15minutes
    • Main Material:Steel / Welded Steel Frame
    • Power:AC100-120V,50/60Hz, Maximum Power Consumption 375W
    • Certifications:FDA Registered; CE Approved
    • Dimension:about 696x462x120 mm
    • Net Weight:about 16.6 kg
    • Weight Carrying Capacity:about 100 kg