• Wheel Chair Fit-Pro Trainer
    The First Invention in the World
    Special health preservation equipment for the disabled
    Vertical Equipment for Wheelchair
    Wheel Chair Fit-Pro Trainer

    Vertical Equipment for Wheelchair
    It allows the disabled to enjoy a healthy life without any toils.
    The numerous medical experiments for four decades have confirmed that vertical movement helps people exercise due to the force of gravity. It can improve musculoskeletal neuroendocrine system, reinforce stem cells and even achieve the overall health effects.

    ►The Best Equipment for Rehabilitation
    The Wheel Chair Fit-Pro Trainer offers tender, constant-speed, same-direction harmonious resonance frequency; 
    it delivers vibration to your whole body and activates the circulation and neuromuscular function. 
    Wheel Chair Fit-Pro Trainer assists the disabled in whole body vertical vibration, and this shall be the brand new experience for the users.

    ►Health Issues for the disabled
    According to the long-term research from all over the world, Whole Body Vertical Vibration is able to prevent from osteoporosis and promote the Bone Mineral Density.
    2.Fat accumulation and obesity
    Whole Body Vertical Vibration helps promote metabolism, and it also dissolve fat cells and prohibit the formation of fat cells.
    3.Muscular dystrophy, Fibromyalgia and Constipation
    Whole Body Vertical Vibration is able to relieve constipation, and help alleviate the pain and stiffness of neck, shoulder, upper back, waist and buttock, also help alleviate chronic fatigue.
    4.Brain and Cardio-vascular disease
    Whole Body Vertical Vibration prevents and improves the vascular disease, and promotes the vascular function to rejuvenate the heart and blood vessels.
    5.Improvement for Cerebral Vascular Accident rehabilitation
    The Whole Body Vertical Vibration stimulate Prefrontal Cortex, and increase the blood flow and oxygen concentration for brain through the neural activation.
    Wheel Chair Fit-Pro Trainer
    • Model NO:i-vib8010
    • Frequency:3-9Hz
    • Amplitude:2 mm
    • Control Pad:Wireless remote control
    • Opertion:Remote/ 7 setting frequency & 3 auto programming
    • Time Setting:15minutes
    • Main Material:Steel / Welded Steel Frame
    • Power:AC100~120V 50/60Hz / AC220~240V 50/60Hz,Maximum Power Consumption 50W
    • Certifications:FDA Registered; CE Approved
    • Dimension:about 1400x975x230 mm
    • Net Weight:about 88.6 kg
    • Weight Carrying Capacity:about 180 kg