• The pioneer in the world!
    WheelChair Sport

    The best sport equipment!
    Bodygreen WheelChair Sport transmit 100% moderate, constant speed and irectional waves, stimulating all parts of our body from bottom to top.
    With WheelChair Sport, you could enjoy a healthy life!
    WheelChair Sport can help physical-challenged people achieve the exercise effect of whole body vibration.
    It is an amazing new experience for many users!

    WheelChair Sport
    It helps physical-challenged people enjoy health without any movement.
    It's been proved by numerous medical experiments in past 40 years that WBVV can exercise for you through the impact of gravity.

    Designed for wheelchair users, you could do exercise just simply sitting on the WheelChair Sport.
    It combines the world's most advanced vibration technology and exclusive invention patents.
    You can achieve exercise effects from the inside out without getting out of the wheelchair.

    • Model:BS1
    • Frequency:About 4-13 Hz
    • Amplitude:About 2 mm
    • Operation:Wireless Remote Control,7 Level Frequency,3 Auto Programs
    Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
    Frequency 4 Hz 5 Hz 6 Hz 7 Hz 9 Hz 11Hz 13Hz
    G -Value 0.06 0.1 0.15 0.2 0.33 0.49 0.68
    Automatic program A1 AUTO 1 1Level:30sec、2Level:30sec、4Level:30sec
    A2 AUTO 2 1Level:30sec、3Level:30sec、5Level:30sec
    A3 AUTO 3 1Level:30sec、4Level:30sec、6Level:30sec
    • Time Setting:15 min.
    • Main material:High hardness steel
    • Voltage:AC 100~240 V,50/60Hz
    • Power:About 50 W (Max)
    • Certification:FDA Registered; CE Approved
    • Dimension:About L 810 x W 510 x H 135 mm
    • Capacity:About 120 kg
    • Weight:About 22.5 kg