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Whole Body Periodical Acceleration

Whole Body Periodical Acceleration (WBPA)

Regarding the experiment and research for decades in medical field, the Whole Body Periodic Acceleration has been proven benficial for human body, especially the brain and cardiovascular disease, and is absolutely safe!
The Whole Body Periodic Acceleration stimulates vessels to generate Nitric oxide Nerve & Neural Signal & Endothelial cell & blood vessel expands & Nitric oxide.

The Theory of WBPA
There are 20-30 years of history of Clinical studies in WBPA.
WBPA is that people lie on a special designed mechanic platform, and horizontal vibration were given to them in the direction of head to toe at the constant frequency. User could select ideal speed according to personal physical condition.
The kind of motion along human vertebrae paralleling blood vessels will stimulate endothelial cells of the vascular wall. This impact of motion in physical term is called “shear force”. Shear force can elicit a soluble gas-nitric oxide(NO) synthesized and secretedfrom endothelial cells of vascular wall.
Which could dilate blood vessels, increase oxygen perfusion to protect our hears and brains.

The benefit of WBPA in health
1. Effectively prevent and improve hypoxic heart disease
2. Effectively prevent and improve cerebral infarction and thrombotic stroke
3. Effectively decrease the risk and the sequelae of Myocardial infarction
4. Effectively treat pulmonary hypertension and improve cardiopulmonary function
5. Effectively prevent and improve peripheral vascular circulation and disease
6. Effectively prevent and improve diabetes and hypertension
7.Improve cellular antioxidant activity and increase the survival rate while in emergency
8. Reduce the sequelae due to cardiovascular tone hypoxic while in emergency