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Whole Body Harmonic Vertical Vibration Training

Evolution of WBHVV
Vibration is the most relaxing
and effective "passive exercise" in the world

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The earliest concept of Whole Body Vibration training began in the year 1900. A Whole Body Vibration Chair was invented by Dr. John Harvey Kellogg, 1852 – 1943 in the United States of America for his patient's treatment. However, in the 1970s, the Whole Body Vertical Vibration was being used by the Soviet Union for their astronaut's training to improve muscle strength, bone density, endocrine disorder and etc. It is to resolve the health issues faced by the astronauts under a zero gravity environment for a prolong period of time and to extend their time span living in space. Therefore, the astronauts from Soviet Union got the attention over the world as they were able to stay longer in space compared with the astronauts from America.

In the 1980, the application of Whole Body Vertical Vibration had expanded to athlete's training. Athletes who had undergone this training method showed significant improvement in their performance. Thus, it began to be widely researched and applied. After the 21st century, the invention has further expanded it's application to other medical fields such as medical rehabilitation, sports medicine and etc.

In 2006, BODYGREEN vibration equipment combined this exercise method and made the exercise machine became more simple, fulfilling the people desire to improve health via exercise. Making exercise no longer a burden, but a kind of enjoyment.  
Principles of WBHVV Training
WBHVV Exercise Training
is a passive exercise similar to rope skipping and vertical bouncing and shaking.


The concept of Whole Body Vertical Vibration Training originated from the gravity's influence on both human growth and movement. Gravity works on human vertically from bottom to top, and from external to internal to achieve the effect of whole body movement stimulation.

Without increasing the load of the heart and lungs, the vibration directly drives the human body up and down with the speed and acceleration of the sine wave through the platform, gently stimulating all parts of the body, enhancing the energy of physical activity and promoting physical health.

On the basis of  exercise and health preserving, the best method is to maximize the relaxation of the body and stimulate all parts of the body to achieve health benefits.

This exercise and health preserving method is the safest and most effective way. Through the stimulation of vibration, the tissues of various parts of the body not only enhance the energy of the body, but also promote health. Therefore, the passive exercise of vertical vibration is a relaxed and comfortable movement.
WBVV Training VS. Rope Skipping
Similar to the effect of
whole body training as rope skipping
Whole Body Vertical Vibration training is a whole body exercise, very delicate which cover from hairs to toe, nothing stay still. This couldn't be attained by ordinary exercise. Similar to the effect of whole body training as rope skipping.

Research confirmed that rope skipping is a simple but high-intensity whole body exercise. This exercise method is jumping vertically up and down, to drive the whole body to moving up and downso when doing rope skipping, the various tissues of the human body are simultaneously exercised and developed, and from this exercise process, more exercise benefits are obtained, thereby making the body healthier and stronger.

Experts even believed that, the rope skipping is used to train the body's bouncing, speed, balance, endurance and explosiveness. It has a great effect, and can cultivate the body's flexibility, coordination and tenacious will.
Therefore, rope skipping is often used as one of the methods for high-strength training. It will not only exercise the muscles of the lower body, but also train the arms, shoulders, core muscles, enhance body endurance, stamina and coordination of the body to improve athletic performance. It is one of the indispensable training items for various types of athletes.

The whole body vertical vibration training is a passive vertical tremor movement that drives the human body up and down regularly with a sine wave. Under the stimulation of the rhythm wave, the whole body presents a harmonic vibration phenomenon, which promotes the contraction and extension of muscles, thereby achieving relative movement benefits and allowing health to radiate from the inside to outside

This training is carry out under the relaxed stage, therefore it is less burden to the cardiopulmonary compared to ordinary exercise. As compared to rope skipping, whole body vertical vibration training is actually a safer and more relax exercise.
WBHVV Training VS. Health Preserving
It seems simple, actually with deep connotation

"It is better to go for a walk than training, it is better to vibrate than walking".
"Vibration" is one of the traditional training methods of the Chinese.

Health specialists recommend daily vertical vibration and carry out suitable exercise to eliminate body and mental fatigue, relief tension and boost health.

Most people think that the effect will be better if you exercise until breathless and sweaty. In fact, too much vigorous exercise, due to excessive physical exertion, the body will be exhausted, resulting in internal wastage, the body instinctively needs to replenish with a lot of rest and diet, on the contrary, causes the body to be easily injured and aging.

Whole Body Vertical Vibration Training moved the body up and down through the sine wave. Gently stimulate all parts of the body and without increasing the load of the cardiopulmonary, let the body achieve full relaxation by regular vibration.

Therefore, vibration exercise can more gently enhance the body's abilities than intense exercise, thereby improving physical fitness, allowing the body and mind to be perfectly reconciled, and thus achieving the purpose of maintaining health, thereby easily enjoying health preserving and relaxation high-quality life.

Organization using WBHVV
Sport technology of the new generation,
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