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All the product pictures, words and logo on the official website (www.bodygreen.tw) or literary works which belongs to BodyGreen, unless approved or authorized by the copyright owner, otherwise all the copy, editing, publicity, public release and sell & buying via internet are considered to be the invasion of copyright.

Please note below:

1. The trademark of BodyGreen is registered in Taiwan R.O.C., please refer to the trademark research system for further reference.
2. To all the consumers,
To protect your own consumer sovereignty, please make sure if the BodyGreen products you purchased are labeled with BodyGreen logo or sales authorization, in case you might purchase the pirated or infringing product.
In order to offer a better and comprehensive after-sales service, please purchase our products from the authorized dealers, please do make sure the product your purchased is labeled with BodyGreen logo, in case you might purchase the pirated or infringing product and violate your own right. If you would like to be the dealer of BodyGreen products, and uses the product pictures for advertising, publicity or selling, all above involve copyright issue. Please do respect the copyright and ask for the permission to be the authorized dealer, in case the infringement issue jeopardizes your company, and you may even need to take the legal responsibility.
If you have any questions, comments and suggestions about our privacy policy and copyrights, or some personal questions which you could not find the answers from the web site, you may reach BodyGreen  via the contact information listed below:
Toll free no.:0800-895899
E-mail:you may send us e-mail via service@bodygreen.tw
Please indicate in the mail subject as “Private and confidential”, we will process your request as quickly as possible.

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